Just write something dammit!

I don’t even make excuses to procrastinate anymore. I just blatantly do it. I sit on the couch and wile away the afternoon. And evening. And night. And…well, you get the drill. This cant go on. I so gotta pull up my socks, or roll up my sleeves or whatever it is they do, and JUST WRITE. So here goes. I will from now on, stop being the lazy ass that I have been for long enough now. I will stop blaming my two lovely little boys for taking up all my time (even if they really do, not just my time but every last shred of my mental capacity as they constantly buzz around me like……see there i go again, aaargh! this needs to stop!!!) Ok. Stop. Reset.


So where was I?

Alright. Lets keep it simple. I will get online and write. And post. Thats it. How hard can it be? Easy peasy right. Alright. So help me god. Amen.

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