When Awakening Came From an Unexpected Place

pooh-bear-cute-inspiring-love-Favim.com-609100From this day onward, every time in life, I’m down and lonely, feeling sad and sorry about myself and perpetually complaining about my life, I will certainly think about this stranger. A person I know nothing about, except the fact that he inadvertently had me realize once again…that life is what you make of it.

Alright, let me start over, with the details this time. It was another one of those enchanting Bangalore evenings. The weather was exceptionally awesome. Cool and breezy, just the way I like it. I was hanging out with my BFF at RMZ Infinity. You know it, the quiet and serene little place opposite the buzzing Gopalan Mall. Being the foodies we are, we savored a sumptuous chocolate brownie with ice-cream and a Kaapi Nirvana at our favorite CCD. And if that wasn’t enough to wreck havoc on the week’s diet plan, we decided to top it up with a pack of French fries. Large. We stepped out of Coffee day, headed straight to McDonalds, and grabbed a deliciously murderous pack of carbs deep fried in fat 😉

Back in the open courtyard, we struck up quite a conversation as we nibbled on our fries. And I barely noticed when the entire gabfest swiveled to me. Before I knew, all I was talking about was I. My problems, my miseries, my complaints. All I did was grumble on. In my defense, I was exceptionally sad that day. My ‘only-once-in-a-year-after-marriage’ trip to Bangalore had come to an end and leaving next morning wasn’t an event to look forward to. Anyway, so I grumbled about that and other things like my aching ankle, broken nail and this and that and on and on. Lamenting I went about trivial things in life that did not matter one tiny bit compared to what I saw then.

A healthy well built man, probably in his early thirties, with a sweet face and very amicable smile, ascended a small flight of stairs to the pavement, briskly walked ahead and quietly passed by. The right sleeve of his trousers was neatly tucked to the back with his belt, as he supported himself on one leg and a pair of crutches.

By the look on his face and the badge hanging from his belt, it was no difficulty determining he was a software professional or something similar. He was definitely an employee here and it’s no secret that RMZ Infinity houses some of the best companies on the globe. Now it wasn’t the first time I saw someone with a physical disability. But it was probably the first time I saw someone with such a big disadvantage, looking so much at peace with it, so ready to roll with life as it comes, and that too with a smile. A beautiful smile at that.

So here was a man, who didn’t let any impediment deter him from his road to success. A man who achieved and accomplished all that he wanted, standing on one leg. Literally!

He walked by, smiling at every person he met, no sadness on his face, and no complaint in his eyes. Just a man, who counted his blessings, made up his mind and followed his heart. And yes, made it good. Real good.

And here I was, cribbing about little things. I had been feeling miserable and depressed, desperately in need of some uplift (apparently the chocolate, ice-cream and potatoes weren’t helping).

What more uplift could I have asked for. The timing was impeccable. Whoever he is, I know I may never see him again, but I will always remember the well taught lesson he reminded me of…just in time.

6 thoughts on “When Awakening Came From an Unexpected Place

  1. Loved both the essence and the flow of this narrative. Such a lovely way to convey an important life lesson, one we can always use a reminder of.
    I have enjoyed what I have seen on this blog so far, am following you now 🙂 Happy to be connected via our blogs! Keep writing!

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  2. Wow… so heartfelt and beautiful … first I came to give you this link … http://theallthingslovelyblog.com/2015/10/29/i-dont-want-my-pre-baby-body-back/#comments simpily… You know I am a cynic too, though at heart very sweet and optimistic person, just the sight of trees and feel of rain and any little exciting thing can make my day… right now looks like you were a Bangaluru Hudugi and this looks like the one in Old Madras road… anyway … sweety… true life is what you make of it… but well its easier said then done, nly when you get slapped on the face or do something with guys like this or just watch others face tough times you think…after a while the cynical stuff comes over… I think sometimes we got to be ruthless to oneselves… but yeah this is a beautiful experience… I have lots of inspiring story to share too… you know it helps in a way to be kind to others, more receptive, less selfish and less prideful knowning these people… anyway blabbering, I am hungry… I know blind people stories from last 2 years.. the most amazing people really, pure, focused, they don’t have our coloured outlook… they are amazing so ae special kids, you know they won’t have any bad intentions just love and focus… people with disabilities are stronger than us priviledged guys anyway


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