Monday Mommy Blues


Motherhood is truly rewarding, yes. But heck, its devilishly tiring! My elder one is 3 and my younger one just turned 1. And though there isn’t that much crying, screaming, bawling and falling now, there’s still one very important thing I just cant do. Anything!

Before anything else, lets scroll through a little checklist.

Pee Alone                           No

Shower in peace              No

Brush my hair…Ever     No

Write                                  No

Read                                   No

Watch TV                          No

Cook                                   No

Sleep                                  No

Okay. So whats left? Well, watching the boys play and applauding frantically each time they place another lego atop the castle. (Yay! That is the most beautiful castle I’ve ever seen sweetheart, for the 29th time today!)

I do, in a rare moment of positivity, believe that the worst is over. My firstborn, an Aquarian, has been a real test. I cant even begin to describe how much, just how much he has tested my patience over the last three years, with his consistent bawling over everything, and his extremely extreme stubbornness. However, things are better now that he has begun to communicate more and enjoy his playthings. My younger one is an absolute angel.

So when the Aquarian, Viraaj, started school, I thought life is gonna be back on track now and I will begin writing again. Hence this blog. But his tantrums began and he refused to go to school and while we were still bent out of shape figuring out ways to make him like school, summer vacations arrived too soon and he’s home and happy for now.

The problem? I cant do anything? The brothers are happy and busy playing most of the time. No one seems to care too much what mommy is up to. Probably because they know, not much. For if I as much as touch the laptop, hell breaks loose. The moment he sees it, he’s on it like a duck on a junebug. He’ll drop everything he’s doing and dash to the musicy colorful toy that cost me fifty thousand bucks. And then the little one wants it too and then a classic sibling world war ensues and there’s chaos everywhere. So nope, writing is off the table.

How bout I read something? Well, if I want to read an ebook, he has to play Subway Surfers on the tab. If I wanna read a real book, he wants to read the capital letters on its title page over and over again.

How bout I cook something nice? Then well, the older one has to get on the countertop and drop all jars to the floor. Meanwhile. the younger one has had enough of the older one hogging all the attention, so he wants some. What he’ll end up getting though, is everything that’s raining from the shelf above, thanks to big brother. So before anyone gets hurt, I bolt out of the kitchen, and wait for both to fall asleep, together, god help that, so I can throw together something edible for the husband about to arrive any minute.

So how bout I….Aaaargh! Why do I even bother right?

And that is why this blog is idling here. Since I’m not reading and participating on others’ blogs, not networking in any other way, for now, this is how its gonna be. and the wait is on for the day my sons will allow me to do things my way. And its a long wait. Well, Cest la Vie!

HaHa!! And I just realized, its not even a Monday today!

15 thoughts on “Monday Mommy Blues

  1. Aah! We all have gone through this phase!! Enjoy it while it lasts! 🙂 But am I glad that I am well past this phase!! 😉


  2. It’s a pain!! I know, no parent wants to admit it…but I’m telling you, I’m relieved the days of clinging and helplessness are over! Oh, there were sweet moments for sure; ones that I will treasure forever, but there are more of the moments that you describe!!
    Will a virtual empathy pat help?! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh ji I hope all hell will become cool soon… so you can do what you can… but still being Mother is rewarding right?… (: … my sis-in-laws have a baby each and the whole household here is well around the babies…anyway…as a visitor I get tired seeing the tired sis-inlaw souls and I am relieved for now I am still single, would be hard to manage these kutties for now.


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