Ha HA. This is incredible. You know i wrote that little excerpt titled begin again almost 6 months ago…left it in the drafts…posted it on a whim a few days ago. didnt begin again then, didnt begin again now. this is becoming impossible to deal with. have i lost it. can i write no more? actually i can. it’s just like talking right. and that can do. i can talk for hours on end. so maybe that’s what i’m going to do now.

They say a hundred average words that were actually written are better than five hundred words of the most eloquent essay that never made it to the paper. so here i am, writing my hundred average words. or more than a hundred maybe.

Why doesn’t wordpress auto-capitalize after full-stops. it should do that. hmmm.

Well it wont. neither will it autocorrect didnts and wonts. but i cant care about that right now. i am just going to write something. anything.

I’m not bored. not by a long shot. in fact i’m quite completely occupied. there’s just so much to do and so little time. and i suck at managing my time. i dont watch tv, i dont take afternoon naps, and dont seem to take any real rest through my day and yet, i hardly get much done. wonder what’s up with that. been trying to fix it forever now but i just cant.

i never expected to be a stay-at-home mom/writer. never wanted to be. have been one for 8 years now but still havent reconciled with it. probably never will.

and yet, after 8 years, i dont think i now have it in me to step out into the world.

what the hell do i want!!

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