Bahubali 2, A Bad Youtube Video and Saturday Morning Gyan

So I watched Bahubali 2. No this post is not a movie review. That doesn’t need a whole post, I review movies in two lines. Bahubali 2 was a total nonsense of a story but yet, Oh-so-much-fun to watch, and I would love to watch it again, just for Prabhas, even if the story makes me cringe 😉 I went for the visual treats, and I got them aplenty. That’s it, all good.

Here’s what the post is about. It’s about a video I saw on Youtube when I was searching for any video that would give me more of Prabhas.

I came across an all too common trend these days, videos pointing out mistakes in a film. There are scores of such videos and articles made for every movie out there, and I normally don’t give them a second look. But just because I had time to kill, I clicked on this one that said, ’10 Mistakes in Bahubali 2’.

It was a badly produced, cheaply made video that misspelled the lead actor’s name. (Prabhash it said.) I don’t need to say more about that video itself. Here’s what got me thinking though – Just imagine what a sad life that person must live, who spends so much time making videos about miniscule mistakes in movies.

So every time this person goes to watch the movie, he’s only looking for mistakes. He’s scanning the frame for a misplaced rock, intensely examining the background dancers to spot a missing jhumka, or just focusing on random shortcomings. All the while, he’s completely missing out on the good part of the movie.

Why would you choose to live a life that sad? Why won’t you just eat the damn popcorn and watch the damn movie. If you don’t like the movie, step out and take a good walk. Why spend all that time and energy watching a three hour long movie, just to find mistakes in it and then make a shabby video about it.

Folks are wierd!

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