Hey there. Thanks for coming.

I’m Mamta… (I’d love to have a better sounding nickname really) 😉 I’m 27 years old, mommy to two amazing brats and hoping to continue calling myself a writer amid baby food spills, crayon art’d walls and hell raising tantrums.

I love to read. A lot. Anything, from books to blogs to facebook trolls. But the utterly dumb and desensitized media we are subjected to these days makes me wanna shoot myself. Thank heavens we have bloggers, quorans and everybody else doing the real journalism on social media.

 This blog is my way of reconnecting with the world. Now that my first son is headed to school, I can finally find a moment to spare, and rediscover everything I used to be apart from a paranoid, crazy, happy mother. I hope to share some exciting stories and indulge in interesting discussions on issues that matter. Most of all, I look forward to connecting with all the other wonderful bloggers out there and honestly, just make a couple of friends who aren’t 3 year olds or their teddy bears 😉 

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